Antonio Orozco in Girona

Sala La Mirona 22:00h

Antonio Orozco, one of the most important voices of the last decade in Spain, visits GIRONAwith his tour DESTINO. He will performance his best hits and his new LP, an album in which has experienced a change in its sound, with faster and more rocker sound songs.

“DESTINO” collect all the songs and ideas that have been loocked at the bottom of the draw. He traces a precise line, between the songs of his career for the milestones that have turned him into one of the most successful artists of spanish musical scene. “Hoy será”, “Mírate” or  “Mi héroe” configure an audible map, built to blow off emotions and stellar moments that will remain marked into your mind.

Antonio Orozco and his band will performed a live music show that will not leave you indifferent. ¿Are you going to miss it?

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