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Dorian in Girona

Sala La Mirona 21:30h

Dorian with their unic new wave music sound, electronic and indie -rock music , is considered one of most importan spanish band  of the current indie scene. In their 10th aniversary , they have decided to resume their music career in “Diez años y un día” (“Ten years and one day ” ) . In this new LP you will find all their relevant tracks but with a new flavour. They have the collaborations of Santi Balmes ( Love of lesbian ) and the Mexican artist Marion Sosa in this new work. It also includes two unreleased tracks : ” Ara ” (singing in Catala) and ” Arrecife” .

Marion Harper will be opening the show. She is a singer-songwriter, her rhythms and melodies are frame into british pop, a style that moves between synthesizers, drums and the 80`s influences, to finish exploding into a bright and powerful presentation. She has been compared to the sound of famous international pop bands such as Chvrches or Gossip .

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  • Sala La Mirona
  • c/Amnistia Internacional, s/n 17190 Salt

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