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La Fuerza del Destino – MECANO tribut in Tarragona

Palau Firal i de Congressos de Tarragona 18:00h

Several generations grow up listening to MECANO’s music. This show created by musicians, singers and dancers who participated in the original Nacho Cano’s musical, transports us to a subway ride, where each one of the stops become a Mecano song. A trip through our lives soundtrack. The show mix live music, dance and theatre; all of this it is supported by a large audiovisuals. Pop, rock, rumba, salsa, flamenco, soul and jazz are the main appeal of this show for all audiences.

All the different themes on the show are based on this legendary band wich form the musical DNA of thousands of Spaniards. 20 artists on stage including musicians, singers and dancers bring the universe MECANO to live for 2 hours. You will can not stop dancing and singing!


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